Top 2021 Marketing Trends for Your Business

As COVID-19 continues to reshape the global market and commerce environments, several businesses have benefited from significant increases in demand.

Other entrepreneurs, meanwhile, have been forced to go into survival mode in order to keep their companies alive. Although many of us are still reeling from the pandemic’s catastrophic consequences, many who are less fortunate have permanently closed their doors.

Despite the turbulence, the companies that are thriving today are those that are able to stay agile, adapt quickly, and be innovative.

Safety First All The Time

safety first marketing trend

 Amid the pandemic, though vaccines have started to roll out, the one huge marketing trend of marketing your business to ensure your customers that safety, of both the customers’ and your staff, is still the number 1 priority. 

This needs to be done with consistency throughout all communications. Let them know the steps you are taking to ensure the safety and hygiene regulations you’ve put in place everywhere you can. 

Safety policies are still the forefront concern of many when making purchasing decisions.

Are You Mobile First?

mobile first

It’s promising to see more companies investing in making their websites mobile-friendly.

It has now become a business necessity. But being mobile-friendly isn’t cutting-edge; it’s a simple requirement. 

Google would index all new websites mobile-first, which means that Google’s bots would favor mobile pages over desktop versions. Designing for mobile first puts you in the best position to rank higher on Google. A majority of Facebook users only use Facebook through the mobile app and purchasing on their phones.

Mobile-first layout, on the other hand, is an approach that addresses consumer needs in the present while still maintaining the website’s ability to meet an increasingly mobile lifestyle.

On-The-Spot Messaging & Chatbots

 Convert potential customers to loyal followers by being available for them at all times.  

At a time of instant gratification, when a customer asks a question, they want it answered right now. Online messaging has changed the landscape of almost all industries by providing potential customers the answers to their queries in real-time. 

Chat apps are quickly becoming the most efficient and convenient way to communicate with customers. Because of this widespread familiarity, messaging apps are a convenient way for everyone to communicate.

Chatbots can be an effective tool for instantaneous back & forth between your brand & the guests. However, it can come off as cold and robotic, so make sure you give your potential guests an option to talk to a human. 

Brands that respond quickly and at a time that is convenient for their clients have a better chance of getting purchases and growing repeat business. Live chat supports can also answer very specific questions and personalize your customer’s experiences.

It’s still best if there is dedicated personnel to reply to the queries of clients.

Flexible Returns

Retailers have temporarily locked their doors due to the pandemic. Although we can still buy from these retailers online, returning purchases becomes more difficult because they are no longer available in stores. As a result, several retailers are adding a little more leeway so that you can return the unwanted items without penalty.

Flexible returns are not only a good experience for customers, it’s actually a very useful business growth strategy. Customers want generous return policies and are more likely to shop with retailers that give free, no-hassle returns.

Some retailers are currently extending their return policies and also providing curbside returns.

Selling on Social Media

social media marketing trend

Social networking for business is no longer a choice.

It makes no difference whether you run a small local shop or a large national corporation. Social media is an effective way to communicate with your customers, gain useful insights, and develop your brand. With over three billion people using social media every month, the number of users and interaction on major networks is only rising.

Since customers log on to social media on a regular basis and are exposed to businesses, it offers enormous opportunities for businesses. However, it also presents significant challenges for businesses because it is a constantly changing, extremely noisy, and crowded environment.

People spend an average of more than 2 hours on social media daily. The top platform, Facebook, has 1.4 billion active users each day and Instagram is not far behind. The more you can capture the attention of customers, the more your brand will be ‘top of mind’. In the future and that will result in more purchases.

Aside from this, many take to social media to review many products & services before they purchase. Keep your Social Media posts consistent in your messaging and frequent so you keep building your brand recognition.

Expand Your Business’ Digital Advertising

digital advertising

With the shifting and emerging existence of new technology, small and medium-sized enterprises are doing whatever they can to keep up. Same with the rest of human society. 

In order to capture a rising and very profitable online marketplace, brick-and-mortar companies are either shifting their business models to an online one. Some are beefing up current marketing activities with digital marketing campaigns.

90% of people with social media have used the platforms to communicate directly with businesses. Digital marketing is also three times less expensive than traditional media, making it the most cost-effective method of advertising.

Paid online advertising will enable you to create highly targeted campaigns for your intended target market (e.g., by demographic, geography, or special interest) and gives you the ability to track results accurately.

Start the Experience before Purchase

Customer experience starts pre-purchase. Before making a purchase, 81% of consumers conduct online research.

A website that loads quickly with fresh, relevant content, is one of the initial touchpoints you’ll have with potential customers. Your website should be simple to navigate. It should have a hierarchy and categorization that helps users find exactly what they’re searching for. There should be a flow to the site. Give your potential customers the details they need without having to work hard for it. 

Well-written, compelling explanations that highlight concrete benefits (rather than a generic list of features), as well as engaging photographs that highlight your product’s or service’s main features and details, are essential for the online pre-purchase process.

Other Marketing Trends 

Digital marketers are always adapting to the latest trends . It is essential to keep up with trends in this extremely fast-moving digital landscape for the success of the brand. 

Another advantage of following trends is crisis communication. You can manage the reputation of your brand by monitoring trend topics in your industry. You can not only prepare for the crisis, but can also ease the crisis by reacting in real time to the negative media and your customers on a variety of platforms.