Case Studies

International Boarding School

The goal for this campaign was to increase enrolment into an International Boarding School based in Salzburg, Austria .
This school accepted students from all over the world. The school location was beautiful, and the education/excursions that were offered were some of the best experiences in the world.

Our strategy was to use Lead Ads targeting parents from different countries showcasing the imagery of the school and surrounding areas, paired with a longer ad copy explaining the many benefits of the school.

With a Facebook Lead Form, we were able to get people to confirm their contact information fill to allow the school to contact them with details of enrolment. The International School successfully increased enrolment in both the summer and winter programs during the 2020 pandemic.


Amount Spent: €12,572.32

Impressions: 3,427,721

Post Engagement: 57,863

Leads: 1,490

Cost per Lead: €8.44

Real Estate Broker

The goal of the campaign was to target homeowners and people now working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic to relocate to a more economical, less crowded area of the province. Vancouver, British Columbia has a very expensive housing market compared to Kelowna in the Okanagan region of BC. Kelowna offers a four season life style and is surrounded by lakes, mountains, and world class wineries.

We used two different types of campaigns to try and gather leads for this client. First, we decided it to create some simple images using a combination of various listings, images of Kelowna and provided marketing material. 


Amount Spent: $2,412.68

Impressions: 208,311

Post Engagement: 3,884

Leads: 147

Cost per Lead: $14.45

Corrective Therapy

The goal here was to get people to book their first Corrective Therapy appointment. We wanted to gather lead info so the client could contact the lead to book their appointment.

Our strategy was to try and outline all the problems fixed by corrective therapy in a longer copy ad. Pairing that with a very informative Lead Form seemed to do the trick. People would fill out a lead form on Facebook and then a team member would contact them to confirm a time & date for their appointment. We were able to create target audiences based off of an email list that was provided to us by the client. This helped us in getting such a low cost per lead for this campaign.


Amount Spent: $774.69

Impressions: 59,255

Post Engagement: 893

Leads: 109

Cost per Lead: $7.11

Wine & Adventure Tours

Here we wanted to try and get people going to different pages on the clients website. Their website had lots of information on the various tours as well as forms for people to request tour bookings.

Our strategy was to push limited time tour specials and link them to the corresponding page on the clients website. We made some simple images combining tour pictures and the clients logo, as well as made a short video using the same images.


Amount Spent: $4,626.25

Impressions: 628,210

Post Engagement: 28,710

Link Clicks: 18,428

Cost per Link Click: $0.25