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Have You Done A SEO Penalty Assessment?

If not, here our some things you should be looking at:

Check to see if there are any messages in Google Search Console

Check the ‘Messages’ section in your Google Search Console to see if there is any warnings or manual actions that specify why your rankings have dropped.

Check to see if your site is still listed in the search results

Type “site: yourdomain.com” without the quotes in a Google search box, replacing yourdomain.com with your current domain. Look for any indexed pages that are duplicated or any pages that you do not want Google to list. If you see a Google warning of the omitted results, you could have problems with duplicate or poor content.

Use a 3rd party software to search for thin content pages

Free software, such as Screaming Frog, will help find pages that have thin content or duplicate content. These pages should be fixed to either increase the content to at least 500 words or use the ‘rel=canonical’ tag to indicate a duplication. Poor content pages can result in a bad user experience and trigger a Google penalty.

Did you use shady link building practices?

The days of blasting 1000’s of links to a website from questionable sources is over. Toxic links are one of the most common problems we see with sites that have lost rankings. This is because they have engaged in non-compliant link building practices (also known as”blackhat”) from using automatic software or outdated strategies from people that don’t care about your business. It is important to work with someone that is building relevant and safe links that will not hurt your website.

Did you secure your site with a SSL certificate?

In 2014, Google announced that using HTTPS would become a ranking factor, even if small. Google recognizes sites with HTTPS as trustworthy and will even have an “Unprotected” message in Google Chrome if you do not have one.

Is your website mobile friendly?

In March 2018, Google began issuing Mobile First Indexing. This means that Google will be putting more emphasis on the mobile version of your website when it comes to ranking keywords. Making sure that your website loads quickly on a mobile device and offers an exceptional user experience will have an impact on your rankings.

Do new items appear in search results for your target terms?

It could happen that your website has no problems, but Google has made changes to the search results in which you were better positioned.
Check to see if there are any knowledge boxes, video carousels or other items that may now receive more clicks that were not there before.

Check for spam or malware alerts on your site

Your website may have been flagged for spam or malware and you did not see any of the Google alerts. They have provided a Webspam report tool that you can visit for more information. Another option is to check your website on WOT (Web of Trust) as this may affect the warning of antivirus software that people use on their computers.

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