Lead Generation | Pay Per Lead

Our No Lose Lead Generation Guarantee

That’s right. A NO LOSE DEAL for your business.

Before we start telling you how awesome this is for you, let me explain a couple of things. No SEO company on the planet can guarantee rankings from Google or other Search Engines. If they do, run away! Google changes their algorithms all the time and they are very unpredictable so ranking guarantees don’t work.

We are not guaranteeing rankings…but we are guaranteeing something more important. QUALIFIED LEADS.

What is a Qualified Lead?

A qualified lead is someone that is contacting you to specifically inquire about your product, service, or business. We all know that there are tire kickers out there and we make sure that we work that into the proposal.

How it Works

We first set up a consultation meeting so we can get to know your industry and understand your business and service or product that you provide. After our consultation, we will have all the information to do our research (usually a 1-2 day turnaround) and get started on a monthly retainer fee.

We then get to work so we can drive qualified leads your way. We will get you enough leads that convert to customers so it covers the initial costs of the first 90 days (Note: Some National campaigns may require 180 days) and you recoup all of the money that you have paid. That is where the No Lose Deal is born. You get your money back from new business that we send you, usually more in the first 90 days.

After the 90 days, if we can’t deliver your leads to cover the money that you paid us, Swan Media Solutions Inc. will give you back the remainder of the costs. This is a no risk offer for you. We have 90 days to prove to you that we can deliver you customers. We know you don’t care about anything other than getting new customers, so that’s what we focus on.

This is a WIN – WIN for both you and Swan Media Solutions Inc. You have no risk and we only get paid for our performance.

The Contract

Our contract is simple. For our Pay Per Lead service and Guaranteed 90 Day No Lose Deal we work on a 1 year recurring contract with a 90 day out clause. That means that if you want to cancel the contract within the first 3 months because we aren’t delivering the goods, you can. Our goal will be to over value, over deliver, and show you how awesome the results can be and we will make sure we can show you the value of our service.

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