Link Building Services

Link Building Services

Swan Media Solutions Inc. knows that in order to gain rankings in Google, you must have great relevant search content on your website and you must have a strong backlink structure to your website.

Our link building services are unique to every client and a detailed consultation together will be the first step in our process.

A backlink is a link to your website from another website.

Search Engines determine how authoritative your website is by the amount of quality links coming to your site from other relevant websites in your niche.

We focus on creating a natural fine-tuned link building structure to your website.

Link building is a time consuming and a high attention to detail process. We use keyword and link diversity methods to avoid penalties from Google and make sure your site continues to climb in the search results.

Content Creation

We create unique, relevant content for you. Our team of copywriters makes sure that you are getting 100% unique semantically relevant content that is based on your keywords and URL’s.

We make sure that each topic is researched and written so that it provides a high quality user experience and search engines see it as a relevant topic to your keywords.

Swan Media Solutions Inc.

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All of our links are placed on hand written content on manually set up sites


paid links



Check! All “risk” is placed on the seller, not the buyer. Google aren’t stupid; penalizing buying would mean you could destroy competitors





Our links are never hidden





All links are placed on relevant blog posts, no widgets.





We custom build solutions for every client so we can maximize your requirements with a strong success rate.

Swan Media Solutions Inc.





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